For the loyal customer

It is well worth being a loyal customer to Instrumentarium

It goes without saying that we offer a wide range of frames, professional customer service and competitive prices to all our customers. As a loyal customer, however, you will get many valuable discount offers that help you take better care of your eyes. You can take full advantage of the special offer prices starting from your second purchase.

1. Customer satisfaction

If, for any reason, you find that you are not happy with the glasses bought, you can exchange them for an equally priced pair within three months and you will only have to pay for the lenses. In order to exchange your glasses for a pair with more expensive frames, you will have to pay for the exceeded amount.

2. Lifetime free maintenance

We will take care of your glasses for free starting on the day of your purchase. The free maintenance includes the tightening of screws on the frames and the bending of temples. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the free maintenance services.

If the bending is seen as complicated due to the potential risk of breaking the glasses, we will inform our customers of the situation and reserve the right to refuse to carry out the job.

3. A Discount of 10% from all optics products with regular prices and vision checks.

4. Rapid exchanger discount

Get 20% off the full price of your next pair of glasses when you buy them within a year of your last purchase.  The discount offer also applies to two simultaneous orders made by one and the same person.