Contact lenses

Competent and expert assistants in Instrumentarium will help you to find the contact lenses and care liquids customized to your individual needs.

Using contact lenses

You will get a detailed and personalized instruction for contact lenses use from our optometrist – follow it carefully.

Can I use contact lenses?

Contact lenses are suitable if your eyes are healthy – the suitability of lenses for eyes is always tested by an optometrist before trying the lenses. Nowdays contact lenses are available in almost all strengths, for astigmatic eyes and as multifocals.

If you are not an adult yet, discuss with your parents and ophthalmologist or optometrist whether contact lenses is a suitable solution for you – you should be able to take care of the lenses and insert and remove them yourself.

What contact lenses to choose?

Different purpose and time of usage of contact lenses determine which lenses are suitable.

Disposable contact lenses are good for occasional use, on a trip or for situations when cleansing the lenses is hygienically complicated. The range for everyday usage is wide: lenses meant for the whole month or a couple of weeks, which can be cleaned in the evening and kept in a special container overnight.

Contact lenses meant for continuous wear are convenient for 24 hours use if they suit your eyes. Start using the lenses under the control and according to the instructions of your ophthalmologist or optometrist, and change old lenses for the new ones at the right time. So your eyes will stay healthy and the lenses are always clean.